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Established 2006 to last past December 2012 as a time capsule of YOUR links and Glass House Mountains history dating back Millions of years ago including the native aboriginal legend of the mountains and current exploration. Profits are used to protect the Earth!

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Life in the Glass Houses

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08-30-18 | 10:40 pm

Spring is two sleeps away

Spring in Australia is almost upon us. Time for cleaning and cobwebs. Here we are, still alive and living happily on just over 1000 acres of forest, mountains and wildlife! See where we are:


06-28-12 | 03:48 am

New Financial Year

With a new financial year ahead, our half price special will end. Take advantage before July 1st, 2012 or miss out! If you would like payment via other methods, please contact us directly via

Christian - Administration

08-06-10 | 04:27 am 4 years online today! Conservation for Tomorrow

Today we celebrate our fourth year online as a Conservation Pixel Website. Since our humble beginnings here, we have expanded to include our Carbon Offset Block trading at where together, more land can be protected providing home and habitat for many local native animals, birds and now BUTTERFLIES! For an exclusive protection area in the Glasshouse Mountains, please support this site by purchasing or trading for equal value, our LIFETIME 100 x 100 pixel blocks. Thank-you and Happy Days!! For regular updates including photos and videos be sure to Follow Us on Twitter (@Freedom4Life) I can also be friends via FaceBook ("

Farmer Christian

11-10-08 | 06:33 am

A shortCut video in our final season

As SEEN on presents the completion of three years and the start of our final season at Freedom Farm I, GHM. Little did I believe it at the time, as you will see in the last few minutes, still planting a greener future!

In this video we explore the 2nd Brand New road for the very old carrigeway, we also see tree clearing from the electricity company as we walk past the Broiler (Chicken) farm on today's journey.

Be sure to visit Freedom Farm II now Broadcasting LIVE at


Farmer Christian

10-17-08 | 01:42 am

Time to relocate, reestablish Freedom Farm

On October 30th of 2008 it will be completion of our time on our current property which brings me to say LOUDLY, it's Time to relocate and reestablish Freedom Farm! No funds have been invested via this website at this point of time, and any future purchases will continue to contribute to our Glasshouse Mountains Eco-Conservation Fund.
Take a sneak peak at our next possible property at
Our dream of conservation continues... all it needs is your conservation, goodwill support. Here or Here!

Farmer Christian

09-04-08 | 01:16 am

Live Garden Video Broadcasting continues into Spring with Rain

Spring has sprung in the Southern Hemisphere and locally we have been blessed with early spring rains, 24mm since 9am today!
Our live video broadcast service, ODCC TV continues regular live broadcasts of the Eastern Gardens of Freedom Farm situated on the Sunshine Coast, Australia., our parent site is the primary conservation supporters site with lifetime frontpage internet advertising for AU$1 per pixel (unless on special). Together our two (also One Dollar Carbon Credits .com) sites mission is to conserve our 2 acres neighbouring Heritage Listed National Parks and share the vision and sounds of the native plants and birdlife while increasing their habitat and food supply using the trees sequestrating carbon from the global atmosphere to balance our humanity.

Another site in our network is with footer advertising available for $495 per week via exclusive paypal subscription, replacing our current ODCC TV footer with what you choose/supply and also, for a limited time, can script  weekly ODCC TV InternetVision episodes. Contact me direct or via Yahoo! (downunder360).

The Eastern Gardens of Freedom Farm
Conservation and much more!
 Support free!
P.S. Yes I know it's still half price! 50 cents per pixel, AU$50 per block. Paypal, Credit Card or E-Gold conservation.

Farmer Christian

07-31-08 | 03:00 am

50% Discount Expires in Less than 24 hours

Yes, in less than 24 hours, the discounted front page lifetime Internet advertising must conclude. Tomorrow for 8 days the discount will be 25% then only 12 percent until the Beijing Olympics concludes. Then it will be restored back to the 100% Full Price. Hurry Hurry Hurry! Paypal (including credit Cards) and E-gold accepted. Safe, and Secure. Help lifetime land conservation in Glasshouse Mountains. We must raise $250,000 in 30 days! Eviction Orders Coming :( Owner says SELL! Please help and be rewarded for LIFE! Thank-you!


07-15-08 | 06:40 am

HALF PRICE CONSERVATION to celebrate World Youth Day 2008

Yes! 50% Discount for lifetime native land conservation with lifetime Internet pixel Advertising. To celebrate the World Youth Day in Sydney, rejoicing the Living Christ forgives sins which are 100% forgiven when we ask for it. When we are right with Christ we are right with God. He loves us, and I love you. My love will remain but this half price, 50% discount offer expires July 31, 2008. Christ's forgives last Eternity. If he forgives you, so should you. Forgive Yourself, the weight removal is instant from your shoulders. To start your half price pixel purchase, on the front page of click on the first Block you Want, the next step will allow you to select more blocks.

Maybe this moment in history is special for you, remember it for a lifetime right here and have a link back to your web site of your choice and know that 100% of your purchase will Offset Carbon by Conservation of Acres of Glasshouse Mountains trees! Watch these trees live at Remember, be quick, this 50% discount expires in less than 14 days! August 1st 2008 - It increases to 75 cents per pixel to Celebrate Horses Birthday until the 8th of the 8th 2008 when it increases again to 88 cents per pixel for the Olympic duration and then back to One Dollar per pixel, $100 per block! Buy Now with PayPal (including Credits Cards) or E-Gold. Safe and Secure Transactions. Half Price is $50 per lifetime advertising block.


07-15-08 | 06:15 am

Pavlova - An Iconic Australian Dessert My Favourite!

Pavlova - An Iconic Australian Dessert
My Favourite! Now you can enjoy making and eating Pavlova too. Follow the simple steps below and be creative with the decoration, use your local fruits that you love best!

The Pavlova was created by chef Bert Sachse, while he was working at Perth's Esplanade Hotel. He made it in honour of the hotel's most distinguished guest - the great prime-ballerina, Anna Matveena Pavlova. It is now a national dish. This popular party dessert consists of a shell of meringue, filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit!

4 Egg Whites
Pinch of Salt
1 1/4 Cups refined sugar
1 tspn Vinegar
2 tspns Cornflour
Whipped Cream
Fruit to Decorate

Heat oven to moderate. Mark 20cm circle on greaseproof paper. Brush paper with oil and place on greased oven tray. Beat egg white and salt on high speed until stiff but not dry. Gradually add sugar, a tablespoon at a time, beating well after each addition. Meringue should be smooth and glossy and hold firm peaks. Remove beaters and sprinkle vinegar and cornflour over top of mixture and fold in lightly. Spoon mixture onto the greased paper circle and spread evenly. Make a depression in the middle with back of spoon. Place in bottom half of oven and immediately reduce heat to low. Bake 1.5 hours. Turn off heat and allow to cool in the oven. When cool, fill with whipped cream and decorate with strawberries, sliced kiwi fruit and passionfruit."

Cookie Christian

06-20-08 | 11:22 am

Winter video in Glasshouse Mountains

I thought it was time to include a video of Freedom Farm that is being conserved through the sale of pixel advertising blocks on our front page.
jumpcut movie:Mixed winter longCut
Click above image for a longCut video, where we go for a walk, get very wet in a lot of rain, sleep in during a blackout and celebrate Queens Birthday holiday 2008 with a new Bromeliad flowered, Queens Tears variety. Includes exclusive Behind the scenes content.

Winter 2008 in the Eastern Gardens, Northern Gardens and the Free Supporters Garden, supported and created because people have Offset Carbon, in thought, deed and action resulting in real trees being planted as seen in this 10 minute, shortCut video. You too can be seen and heard saving Earth. Visit and Support today, right now!
Support Free or Paid!"

Farmer Christian

06-18-08 | 07:31 pm

Firefox Download Day world record attempt TODAY

Today Download Firefox3 for World Record and Safer Better Faster Webgoodness Today is the Day the World becomes a little better with FireFox3! Download it today to help set a world record and to improve what was already a safer, better and faster Internet Web Browser!

Download Day

Hello MyBlogLog Community!
A new Yahoo! Service growing out of control, it's that good!

Join My Community at MyBloglog! Join My Community at MyBloglog!"

Christian of Glass Houses

05-28-08 | 10:26 pm

Glass House Walking at Sunset presents: Late in the afternoon, mySpace's farmer Christian heads out on a 10 kilometer return journey to get some milk and meat. (Funny, the cow and the milk, unsustainable living) Along the way he crosses the Main Eastern Seaboard freight and passenger train-line. Will farmer Christian be lucky today to see trains? We he make it home before sunset? Is anybody watching home? I don't know, have a look at and then you are watching home... and the garden, or the fish or forests growing and cleaning our dirty smoggy polluted air. Living in an Air Filter aint that bad, walk with me and see.
Created today at JumpCut:

Farmer Christian

05-17-08 | 01:37 am

Broadcasting Live video Now from Freedom Farm - Glass House Mountains

Hello World :) It has been a very good week with the progress of life. I have for the first time since I remember in a long time have had the hunger for real food, a purpose of food is to fuel the body and brain to work, to see results, to become what we create our destiny to be as we walk, run or stumble our way through Eternity. Before the new century, even before I graduated primary school I had a vision of what life would become, for me and for the planet upon which I live. Part of that was live video broadcast streaming to people on all continents of Earth and the prayer would be available to all Nations of Earth. A united region has been fought over for all time so for a whole Planet of human individuals to come together as one Earth seemed impossible. All through my life I have learned that with a Faith, sized tiny like a mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible for who I have Faith in as Provider which is, what caused so many wars before. One creator, can never be more, impossible to be less. This week through the Grace of God, I have been able to semi-daily broadcast live video streaming, direct from Freedom Farm here in the Glass House Mountains. Live and Without Scripts. Quality improvements were slowly made as the week progressed and our first purposed produced Live Episode was created. Each Monday and Friday at 2pm local ( Brisbane EST AU) I will broadcast dangerously live, the "Sunshine Coast City RealEstate Show". For more information on this see my real estate contact point, specialising in the southern NEW and Expanded "Sunshine Coast Regional Council" boundaries, including Mooloolah Valley and Mooloolaba by the beach. We have both your country, hinterland and coast lifestyle waiting to be discovered. If you are looking at relocating to South East Queensland, and prepared to have infrastructure built around you ( including JOBS) for the next 20 years, then this is the Place. Protected by the beauty of the many Glass House Mountain National Parks as well as many traditional Gubbi Gubbi protected lands. Whether you are a young family ready for your future ahead or a older generation ready to unwind and relax in peaceful serenity my RealWay property Consultant friends can help you. Tell Michael or Peter or one of the team that Farmer Christian sent you for a 1% discount. All of my broadcasts are recorded so you have the ability to move through time at your leisure to see what else I have been doing such as working in the front gardens and also general life happening in the background of the fish tank reflection. Again, this is the first week of working on improvements and the biggest short comings I have are 1) Laptop processing abilities and 2) My max 128kbps upload speed :( I am in an area without ADSL2 and it is $30 more per month for small speed increase. I will work on things for best production as time passes day by day. Hasn't the world had an exciting week too. Starting with the Burma/Myanmar cyclone, the challenge to get the Olympic torch to the summit of Mt. Everest and the the Earth shaking through southern China devastating cities, to the point that now they are archaeological ruins, brand new ones. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by Earth Changes. Friends, still whatever the situation, be in Christ's Spirit. We will hear of it working in all Earth Change affected areas of Earth. Which reminds me, Happy Anniversary to Israel for 3 score of Nationhood. Which brings me to a thought I had earlier today about the time clocks; BC, BCE, AD, IC which is time coming. Yes. Mr McCain (Presidential Candidate U.S.A) says his vision is in the first month of that first year of I.C which represents In Christ because at first it was Before Christ then After Death and now we know and have much much evidence we can and should declare time is Now, In Christ. He in us, I in Him. Together, united with our Father Again, Evolved enough to understand. At first, we had to climb a mountain to reach God. Then, God came down to walk with us through the Valleys, now we realise we take him everywhere, for he is already there. Two places. One Time. Quantum Life. Living in Love is living in creation at the Speed of Light. We are all Super Human with Christ's nothing is Impossible attitude and reality. Try it. This blog post confirms that I am now free from the governmental requirement to not share philosophy or religion. I share both and neither at the same time. I'm just sharing my True experience shared with global friends. That is what it's all about isn't it, sharing love with friends? Thanks for reading, hope life is good or getting better for you today. Any turn around in life starts with your decision in your head without any words coming out your mouth. But as words do come out your mouth, they are creating what and who you are. Do you need new words, new book or just a period of quiet listening and no talking. Self Talk creates self, 24/7 Be a Ware, be in control. Until next time, love, Farmer Christian :) P.S. Be sure to bookmark to remember to visit which is ODCC TV

Farmer Christian

03-28-08 | 01:29 am

Our carbon balance program

One and a half years has now passed since this site and blog was established with much to report on, that hasn't. Instead the expansion of our project continues with | Global Carbon Trading. Our objective here at is similar in conservation however this local project will secure local land here in the Glass House Mountains for all time.

In other news: This month the Glass House Mountains became part of the new Sunshine Coast Regional Council, three councils merge into one. The Glass House Mountains covers all these councils therefore their protection as a community of national parks will be stronger. The previous, Noosa Shire Mayor won the vote and will represent the full Gubbi Gubbi Country now. Watch out here over time for the outcome of these changes. Speaking of changes, climate change has taken a big swing to cool and cold and the past twelve months have been increasing in rainfall levels slowly but surely breaking the drought, now officially also. It has been over a season since I have had to purchase water for our tanks, the rain has kept the level rising, not yet full as we have a leaking gutter, and I saw a few minutes ago, they are full of leaves. Next dry day I'll need to be up on the roof pulling the leaves out. I am living and based on the property that is trying to conserve, I have moved on from neighbours and have focused on what I have, it's pretty good. Check it out further from

As seen on Technorati Profile
For every block of carbon offsets you buy you will be helping Australian native wildlife through reforestation and avoided deforestation projects, that is, creating new, AND saving old habitats.

When we fly, drive or put on the air conditioner for example we produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the form of CO2. Offsetting simply means that you pay for your emissions to be neutralised elsewhere, do unto the Earth as you would like the Earth to do unto you, that came before treating other people as you expect to be treated.

By planting trees CO2 released by you into the atmosphere can be harnessed, through the natural process of photosynthesis (carbon sequestration). And by saving trees carbon sequestration just carries on! Year in and year out, the natural process of the natural Elements will balance and restore Earths beauty and health, one day and one year at a time. My vision is my grand children will one day visit 200 year old trees, reserved, for their children see the trees age to 300. If we are going to dream positive, dream big positive together.

Farmer Christian

02-22-08 | 05:10 pm

Happy Birthday Benjamin, Brother

Happy Birthday Bro, I know you are down by the ocean while I'm in the mountain foothills still we are one family, a new tribe, out of respect, the respect that the Australian Surfers have been taking to the world stage with Life in and with Spirit. Unique spirit co-exisiting with dreamtime spirits free from time still within the space of all that is. We have not had much of a summer this year with all the rains and cooler weather drenching a dry and parched land that borders this Gubbi Gubbi Country we both live on. From the outback to the bush, record rains have filled many dams and turned the State from Drought Stricken to over 70% now flood declared or has past. The rest of Australia is feeling and experiencing the Alignment approaching like a line of sand drawn across the desert, we will see the moment coming, we have been prepared. We continue in Faith in our creator, our Father, source of all. Today though Ben is a summers day and heres praying you get time to surf the perfect ocean surf rolling in.

Happy Birthday! Love from your Brother xxoo (09:14 Local)

Farmer Christian

12-21-07 | 03:53 am

Our sister site takes centre stage

Our sister site, has taken centre stage, but don't worry, our focus is to remain in Glass House Mountains, just the northern higher end. Happy new year and safe holidays!


09-15-07 | 10:54 pm

A Good day for Native Australians

From a Native white Australian to my Native Black Australians in the Northern Territory:

Today is a Good Day
From today Alcohol in the Northern Territory has been banned to a major extreme to allow those communities effected by its grip and evil, can sober up and fall back in love with the Land they live from and the lifestyle they still have. They are the true Freedom Warriors Downunder. The most extreme country for the most extremest long time of custodianship of Terra Australis, Australia.

Until further notice pixels are now just 25c each (thats $25 per block for lifetime advertising on our front page!)

Christian of Glass Houses

08-20-07 | 11:54 pm

Faster Response to orders

All orders are now sent to my mobile device for approval allowing a better and faster turn around of orders. We have been investigating new pixel script software allowing us to have instant payments, varied sponsorship levels and prices as well as a plethora of improvements and benefits. In preparation for this new software we have listed a new URL To activate this new software we require US$400 (approx 5 Blocks) In other weather news we have enjoyed 30mm of rain in the past 24 hours. The first rain in over 3 weeks.


08-19-07 | 01:39 am

Carbon Offset Trading

We all can tell by the weather that we have been experiencing in the past few years the the world has past a point of no return. We use way too much electricity power than we produce resulting in the need for more power generators many for the mass population are created by burning coal, a fossil fuel and Australian export not to mention mass Earth Polluter! It's now time to change this tide or wastage by creating a new wastage, power generation wastage. Instead of the excess power that can be generated compared to usage instead of it just filling up battery storage, it can then switch to overflow back into the grid either reducing the purchased kWh(kilo watt hours) from mains supplier or even produce excess and required payment from electricity grid provider.

I have done a Google search for research and located the following links I found useful. By starting small I can learn the beginners knowledge then progress to a larger scale electricity plant. Big enough to support the community, with your support I can begin this supply for Glass House Mountains region and then excess to Australia to who knows, maybe one day export pure clean renewable electricity. Saving the planet one kilowatt at a time!

- A nice size to begin with. A$5,000 (50 Blocks)

- Weather Station A$399 (4 Blocks)

- Delta II US$19,995 (Approx 244 Blocks)

- Wind Turbine Q and A

- Getting Serious in Generation

- In depth research into Wind Power

As this idea and concept expands I'll add a link from the main Navigation bar. Carbon Trading - Buy pixels here to fund Wind Power and Tree Planting. Twice the Power to change the world!


08-17-07 | 11:49 pm

New banner Graphic almost complete

New banner graphics including links to promote deeper web visits. New pricing and products will be introduced in the Marketplace store for Spring (downunder) 2007! New banner graphics in production have been taken from the 360 degree panorama as featured on the Beer Stein in the Marketplace. 50% Discount for blocks is almost complete and for the next ONE order I will double their booked and paid for size! Only the next order will get this double bonus! So claim your spot in history and click your first block anywhere on the homepage.


08-08-07 | 11:43 pm

One Year Aniversary

This website has reached it's first yearly milestone and another year has been funded by

All pixel blocks are still 50% regular price. New banner graphics are in creation process and once published this 50% discount will conclude.


07-29-07 | 07:09 am

New Super Mega Council is Born

History again changed for the Glass House Mountains this week with the State Premier, Peter Beattie 'thirding' the states councils be combining about 3 into 1 across the state which has resulted in our location, Caloundra City Council now includes Maroochy amd Noosa Councils. A New Triple City that actually now includes ALL the GLASS HOUSE MOUNTAINS. The original familes of the region are now reunited in the 'new kingdom'(SC News), with mountains such as Ninderry, Coolum and Emu being the far north eastern monoliths with the continuous Blackall Range now also included as One United Family. As it was before 'white man' as it is again. Long live Gubbi Gubbi (Original Inhabitants of the new City)! In this recognition and heritage the new Council I suggest to be named 'Cities of Glass House Mountains' It unites both the coast and the hinterland emphasising the importance of the Mountains in Legend and Tourism.

The Triple Mega Cities are also now formed to shine through time and space. GHMCC BCC GCCC

Christian of Glass Houses

07-17-07 | 11:52 pm

A Wedding Place at Glasshouse Mountains

On Sunday I went for a little detour on my way to the shops, as soon as I saw whats contained in this video I knew instinctively to 'start rolling'. So out of Love and not financial reward, this video was produced and published on both YouTube and Google Video AU.


07-14-07 | 04:29 am

A new video of Glass House Mountains

It's 4:26am on Saturday morning and after a marathon effort i have not only today produced this 18 minutes of video, it is also now published to YouTube (10 minute Version) and 7 files to Google Video. This version is the full length so watch it and you have seen all 7 I uploaded today. Please enjoy as I enjoyed its production process and look forward to more soon. Don't forget I have a playlist for this site at too.


07-13-07 | 01:40 pm

Half Price Advertising ON NOW

Expires July 31st 2007 if not withdrawn earlier from over demand. As today was Friday the 13th and as it was a Perfectly timed day for me, I'd like to share this good fortune by offering 50 % Discount on advertising. I've made the change behind the scene and will do a graphic on Saturday. So why not take this opportunity to buy twice as much or save some dollars!

Any problems or issues contact Christian (downunder360 at Yahoo) or Administration. Thank-you, happy surfing and to buy your spot, just click on the block you want on the front page then follow the prompts.


07-07-07 | 03:54 am

A treehouse from Live Earth 2007


07-06-07 | 07:58 pm

One day to Live Earth 07 07 07

I'm not even sure what the whole build up and concert is for, what I do know is that on Seven Continents including Australia(Sydney), are holding concerts to raise awareness of Al Gore's 'Climate Change S.O.S.' As the Earth so far this Century has been unique in weather phenomena and extremes we can sure agree something is going on, we need to discover the truth of cause. As I have been tracking for the past decade the Earth is going through 'Climate Change' however originally when we witnessed the Earth take it's major turns we knew it as 'Earth Changes'( Search Earth Changes TV for history). So far I'd say no surprises just much relief that things are progressing in God's Time. We can rush into things and make a bigger mess than before we started or we can look back NOW in recent generations of human existence and see the real culprits who heat the Earth, or should we say Damage the Earth with such experiments as Nuclear Weapons! If countries were not WAR mongers instead being PEACE KEEPERS then weapons to defend ones self is not required. Not Required. If we as people show each other that we can KILL them better Faster More Efficient "cough" then we ourselves are at the Sun's Corrective Measures. The Sun under control of the Son (Earth's Ruling King) then we be at his mercy. Should we mold and direct ourselves to live more as 'Love Thy Neighbour' 'Love Thy Planet' then the Sun will continue to be our Life Source (including Earth weather creator). Hooray for the wake-up of 777. Prepare for choice! Peace in this 'celebrative time'. Freedom Rocks!

Christian of Glass Houses

06-26-07 | 11:25 pm

Rains Continue

More good signs by constant weekly rainfall is showing stronger than ever that the Drought is almost over, or as I have said, Over. It started raining late yesterday afternoon and it hasn't stopped. It hasn't been heavy enough to close roads but it has been enough for a noticeable increase in public dams and our dam here on Freedom Farm is overflowing! Our drinking water tank is filling nicely as it has been almost three months since buying water! As much as the rain comes down so has the financial balance of this and all my websites as hosting is due and this week budget to cover it went out the window with electricity and phone bills, un-expectantly early! All I need is two blocks to sell and a prayer be heard...


06-07-07 | 05:47 am

Video - maarge the rains are here

Today we take a walk from Freedom Farm, home of to Glass House Township. The great news is steady rain for a couple of days then today overcast, right now (20:44) rain ! We start the video looking towards Mt Ngungun, the mountain summit featured on this site. Please enjoy and remember quality gets better with front page advertisers!



06-02-07 | 10:01 am

Greetings to Fellow Surfers

Greetings go out to fellow Trafficswarm surfers and Webmasterquest surfers exploring my site - Hope its different from the old norm. Thanks for exploring! is advertised regularly on both of these networks.



05-29-07 | 11:10 am

An additional store

To help funds and promote the Glasshouse Mountains and Captain James Cook who incidently was the inspiration for Captain James T Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.



05-24-07 | 04:23 am

Still here and Back Online

With recent inspiration, better health and a positive outlook for the future, I am Back connected daily online better than ever before. Although I have a full hard disk I am planning to update the overall site within 48 hours. History is ticking away and if your link isn't here than your missing playing your part in this historical site. The Glass House Mountains have been around for Millions of years and is in the Top 5 'must see' destinations in Australia in many European countries so no matter your country, anyone can take part buying a block or two! Got Paypal? Got a Credit Card? Click your spot to start and follow the instructions from there, it's just fill in the blanks! Cheers, Christian


03-15-07 | 08:49 pm

Still building the dream

Greetings! It has been over three months since I have been able to access the Internet and still we do not have an internet connection from Freedom Farm (home of This has been a result of drastic financial restructure of my life and endevours due to unforseen medical ill health. This is temporary and I and looking forward to resuming my website management and creations as soon as possible. I am proud of this site and do NOT want to see it vanish into cyberspace death!

In previous posts I have described and shown you in video the land we were to secure with this project, this land has now been SOLD! God's will be done and I accept that maybe I was not on the right track to protect the right property, as no income has yet been generated by this site, I am confident that once the income starts and we have funds to secure some land, that is surely still my MAIN ambition with this site. Knowing God's control over all things, I am learning that patience is the method of movement here. All in HIS time.

We have still been working the land of the couple of acres that I live on and will simply keep taking a day at a time. Keep an eye on the site for the next post of how life and this site is progressing. I am in an Internet cafe in Caloundra City today to ensure things are still alive, which they are - praise God. I am monitering my health which is getting better, i'm sure if you have had Shingles in the past you will understand the most recent of issues I have been experiancing, pain.

Until next time, good health and wealth to you, may peace be visible in all your earthly walks. We create peace by sharing love with all we see.


11-15-06 | 05:42 am

Google Earth is Here and Rocks!

Before there was Google Earth, I had a dream, a dream to have virtual visitors virtually visiting from the other side of the planet, now, not only can we use Google Earth to see and discover out planet, we can also share our beautiful planet with other that may not be as blessed as people like I am. Here is Version 2.0 of my Google Map MashUp of Glasshouse Mountains. I will continue to add markers, a tour once I have more markers done, and the I will upload either existing photos or new photos of the Actual Locations as marked on this map. Please enjoy this spectacular part of Earth this website comes from... Glasshouse Country of Queensland, Australia.

CommunityWalk Map - Glasshouse Mountains

ed. 26 June 2007: I have located a full size version of this in the virtual tour section.""


11-14-06 | 03:08 am

Second Store Construction Begins

A new store selling Local Products and Produce will open associated with this website and Kookaburra Cottage on January 1st 2007. It's home location is:


11-07-06 | 12:16 am


Pixel Sales are still very slow as this site establishes itself online. With over a dozen videos on Google Video and Dabble it is only a matter of time for the pageranking of this site to dramatically increase.
Overnight last night was our first sale at our Online Store, which was a 360 degree Bumper Sticker from the summit of Mt Ngungun.
Today i added labels to all videos on Google.
This brought to my attention the need for a better quality mobile/video device - Recently I saw an ad on CNN International for the new Nokia N93 - Awesome, this is the device we need for the Ultimate in DV Quality movies. If you would like to support this sites development, all assistance would be appreciated. Our Postal Address is PO Box 4 Glasshouse Mountains 4518 Q AU.


11-04-06 | 05:02 pm

URGENT: Kookaburra Cottage is on Open Market

Offically, Kookaburra Cottage is on the open Real Estate Market for A$770,000 via various agents. I have faith in my Fathers Choice of outcome.

Today's pageaday is: Luke 11:10


11-03-06 | 05:06 pm Playlist

Overnight I compled uploading my collection of videos produced for Productions

10-24-06 | 09:41 pm

What makes Glasshouse Mountains Special

There are many contributing factors that make these Glasshouse Mountains special, as Hon. Mr John Howard, Australian Prime Minister recently said while exiting his car at the Glasshouse Mountains lookout to announce the Glass House Mountains having been given National Heritage Lisiting, "What a beautiful part of the world". And it is.

The National Heritage List is a list of places with outstanding heritage value to the nation. So important are the heritage values of these places that they are protected under the Australian Government's 'Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999'. This means that action cannot be taken that has, or is likely to have a significant impact on the place without approval of the Australian Government minister for the Environment and Heritage.

Not only is the Glass House Mountains an amazing example of an eroded central volcano complex, they have also played an important part in undertsanding Australia's volcanic history.

The several peaks of the Glasshose Mountains are of great spiritual importance to indigenous Australians and traditional legand identifies Mount Tibrogargan as the Father of all Tribes.


10-14-06 | 03:04 am

We have an Online Store Open

Inital Products are available. I'll talk more about the store later, so you need to take a look until then. All funds raise help support this website and eco-conservation sanctuary.
Support This Site Support Australian Natural and Free wildlife and fauna

Christian and Admin

10-13-06 | 10:36 pm

Lucky! Friday the 13th in Glass House Mountains

For a bit of good luck and help make today, Lucky! I have started a 10% Confirmation Lucky Let's make this happen Day! It will return to normal A$1 per pixel anytime after this Lucky Friday the 13th of October 2006 :) P.S. Full terms and conditions coming soon, should have have "maximum spend" issues with paypal, start the transaction and include some comments or email us with further payment details, We can provide an Australian Bank Account number on request, after start of purchase process, abort anytime if your not comfortable. Cheers Have a Great Lucky Day with pre-experiance of the day Down Under :) Here's a clip from Google Video of some 'Thunder from Down Under'


10-12-06 | 07:12 pm

Pre-Launch Concludes

Hooray! Pre-Launch has successfully come to a conclusion and is live, active and full of awesome information and photos of these Millon Dollar Glasshouse Mountains!


10-05-06 | 07:05 am

Discover how I created the 360 Virtual Tour

All it took was Just one Click! 360 Degree Virtual Tours with Just One Click!


10-02-06 | 03:06 am

Discovery! Gubbi Gubbi Grinding Grooves

WOW! Who would expect or have guessed, here next door to Kookaburra Cottage this afternoon I stumbled across a rock embedded into the ground with what appears to me to be 'Grinding Grooves'. Native people of this area used ground rock to sharpen spear heads and arrow tips for hunting and protection a long time ago. Just a short distance down the road this evidence has been sign posted in a number of spots so the chances of this discovery was quite high, although rare.
I have walked over this rock many times not until today though did the grooves jump out at me, I looked down and saw what looked like a ' W ' or I joked to myself an upside-down McDonald's 'M' as strangly enough I snapped a pic today of a store in Caloundra City correcting theirs which today was a Golden 'W'
I have posted the discovery video hosted at Google, below. Photos will be hosted at Yahoo!360 untill I have improved on the gallery in use here at the moment. Your feedback would be great. The Local History page has been uploaded with a decent start, with a few more events needing to occur before this is complete, you can help, BUY PIXEL SPACE! :) With todays post, some new history has happened today, thanks for being part while we all do our part at writting history, with every choice we make.
I'll have some experts come out for confirmation soon.

Kookaburra Cottage and land is not yet safe! We need to sell 50,000 pixels to place a deposit.

Take Care, Christian


10-01-06 | 07:33 am


As today is Launch day and Sunday let's have 11 EXTENDED days 50% off! As Celebration, here's (I hope, it's a first attempt here) 90 seconds in Glass House Mountains. Sunrise This Morning. Enjoy!


09-26-06 | 09:36 pm

Vote for Us



09-26-06 | 08:15 pm

4 days left till prelaunch ends

On the 1st of October, the standard rate of $100 per block will be inforced, untill then, enjoy half price advertising! Poster advertising has started in Glass House Mountains providing locals with the first opportunity to become part of history and be linked on the front page! i have been compiling history information about Glass House Mountains and am on schedule to have this published by the end of pre-launch. It started raining here last night and it looks like we will have a week of drizzle or rain ahead which is prefect for this time of year.


09-11-06 | 10:09 am

We Remember

We remember those touched by September 11, 2001


09-04-06 | 07:54 am

Rest in Peace - Steve Irwin

With great sadness I mark in history a very sad day for conservation, the loss of a great man, Crocodile Hunter and Conservationist, Steve Irwin. As a local identity it has hit our community hard hearing about the tragic loss today of Steve Irwin, our condolences go out to Terri, Bindi, Bob(Robert) and all Steve's extended Australia Zoo family. Michael and I both send our love and prayers.


08-21-06 | 06:26 am

Gallery Operational

After much frustration over a simple issue, we have the gallery now working with some photos of Saturday's walk up Mt. Ngungun . The walk was fantastic and can't wait to walk the summit at sunrise.


08-19-06 | 04:05 am

Pre-Launch Begins!

Congratulations is now Live and operational! Thank-you to our start-up sponsors, ratestogo and Alpha Realty. Without their support this site would not be. As a Thank-You in Advance to all our pre-launch supporters we are offering HALF PRICE BLOCKS - Thats TWICE the size image for the same price! Which ever way you look at it, our pre-launch supporters will have the best opportunity to be seen for the longest time for the LEAST amount of investment! To buy using Mastercard / Visa or Paypal, click where you want your advertisment or message to be and fill in your details, upload your image, complete payment then once our review board has approved it the world will see your image until at least December 21, 2012! Over six years linkage and exposure from as little as A$50. Offer expires 23:59:59 September 30th 2006. Welcome, to the Glass House Mountains! With the establishment of the website, we will endevour to present regularly updated photos, 360 degree panoramic interactive photos, local region history and local links to local businesses, should they advertise on the mainpage, this is all before we are offically launched! As our pixels sellout, we have plans for on site improvements such as live interactive webcams and upon completion of sellout, we will have camping and cabin accomodation at a secret Glass House location... This is huge... Naming Rights for the Eco-Village is currently For Sale, simply Buy and pay for 50'000 Blocks and the Eco-Village has your naming rights (with final approval of board. Smaller cabins is also available for naming rights 10'000 Blocks, some naming is reserved and previously allocated e.g. 'Kookaburra Cottage' Full list available on deposit). This is pre-launch after all and only 11 days after inital upload.


08-08-06 | 11:05 am is Launched

After conception of a pixel ad page to now has been under a week. This is the second version of pixel scripting i have used, the other had errors :( oh well. This is still not a most advanced version, it will still achieve it's goal... Save native bush land and animals while creating a friendly eco sanctuary at the same time. :) i am still to update logos and text... It's 2:04am and this morning is the morning to finish this launch. Time to get back to it... Congratulations Christian on establishing this website.


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